wwyff DC Super Heroes 12345-1

Created by lydrv98 on 11/30/1999

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You're walking home from...

Right, it was your first time there, so you're lost. I mean really lost and your gps on your phone has failed. The sun is also goin' down.

You walk into a store for directions, no one is there. There's a jar with green, glowing lumpy stuff though. It makes you feel...

Well, one way or another, you knock it over and the contents is destroyed. A really unhappy bald guy runs in. You...

And he pulls out a gun.

All of a sudden the ceiling crashes. A tall guy wearing a blue and red shirt with jeans swoops in. He has wind swept black hair and bright blue eyes. another taller guy with black hair that reaches his eyes (which are blue) and is wearing a black shirt an

The man touches a button and robots pour into the scene. At this point, you are just watching, bewildered as this unfolds. A blonde blue eyed guy drops into the scene and pushes the button again, all the robots fall to the ground and the first one to come

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