Do You Give In To Peer Pressure?

This may seem like more of a magizine quiz, but a lot of people struggle with giving in to peer pressure way to easily. Do you? Find out here.

Created by crazy4talking3773 on 11/30/1999

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You go to the mall with your friend. You find a blue shirt that you really like, but your friend says that the purple one is more cool. You:

You get invited to a party that that all the populars will be at, but your friend doesn't. You have plans to see a movie with your friend that day. You don't want to cancel the movie, but you might get teased for not going to the party. You:

Your mom goes out and comes back with a surprise: but not a good one. She bought you a really old fashioned jacket that the cool kids have trash talked before. You:

A group of your underaged friends are smoking and drinking alchohol in an alley way. They brought you with them and are telling you to try it. You know it's wrong but you don't want to look uncool. You:

You just got a boyfriend/girlfriend. They move in to kiss you, and you kiss them back. They try to slip their tongue into your mouth, but you really don't feel comfortable with it. You:

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