What do the Naruto characters think of you? #4

...... Ok, if this is crappy or messed up again, know quizilla must have glitched again. Also, I will be making 1-2 of these a day (as long as i dont have plans or if im grounded) so make sure to check in often. Well anyways, ENJOY! :D

Created by NarutoFanNozomi on 07/11/2012

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Did you read the memo? >:O I hope you did lets get started! >:O

"I hope your ready..." "... cuz you're about to be our new lab rats." Kiba:"WHAT?! What do you mean, lab rats? For what?!" Zetsu(b):"Shut it boy." Zetsu(w):"Can we tell him? Pleassssseeee?" D: Zetsu(b):"No you idiot." Zetsu(w):"Awwww." D: *zetsu starts

Sasori gives you a sympathetic (or empathetic i have no clue) look. Then you see his face change to a more angry one. He takes out a liter sized can and presses down on the nozzle. A purple mist sprays out of it, directed right at Zetsu.

shouted, knocking Zetsu to the side. His wooden hands quickly grasped one of your wrists, taking Kiba's in the other. Sasori:" Come on we have to get out of here, we dont have much time. That herbicide only lasts a few minutes."

{1) Sasori:"Because theres something different about you." *kiba smirks at this* Kiba:"What, you like her?" he taunts, trying to get revenge. Sasori keeps a straight face though. Sasori:"If I did, You would be getting tested right now." >.>

You run through the brightly lit hallways dashing by windows and cells. 'For a puppet, this dude sure can run fast

???:"Going somewhere Sasori?" A voice says, echoing throughout the near-empty room. Sasori:"Show yourself Hidan." He grunts, slowly creeping backwards toward a door with a weasel picture over it.

Sasori spins around, releasing Kiba's wrist and instinctively punching Hidan's face. Sasori then releases your wrist as well. You turn around to see a man with slicked back silver hair and violet eyes. His Akatsuki cloak (black with red clouds)

Sasori:"Go!" You just stared at him, then at Hidan, wondering how he would last against such a buff dude with his feeble, wooden body. Sasori takes off his cloak to expose his real torso and looks back at you and Kiba.

Kiba:"Its too heavy, help me push it over." You ran to his side and started pushing on it as well. The bed gradually started moving to the side. You put a bit more force into it, and it finally made its way to the side wall. Sure enough, there was a

through. After a few minutes, you could no longer hear the sound of Sasori and Hidan's battle. Then, when it seemed you had been traveling for hours, you finally could see light ahead of you. Kiba:"Come on thats the way out!" He shouted in excitement.

Annnnnnnd END! Hehe, sorry it sucked. Anyways.. FATE! >:O

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