Are a Sadist or a Masochist?

Human toilets! I've watched far too much Inu x Boku lately. Also, way too much Durararara! Not to mention Umineko no naku koro ni.... Goodness, I need a life. Bloody desperately. So a sadist is a person who receives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain and a masochist is someone who receives sexual pleasure from receiving pain. Sorry if the answers are too obvious, this is my first quiz that is this type ^^;

Created by SakuraChiKnight on 07/21/2012

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Are you a tall person, average sized or a short person?

What is your general speach pattern like?

Do you prefer tea, coffee or an other?

What is your approach towards romance?

What anime stereotype(s) are you? (If you don't know any skip them)

What is your favourite season?

How well do you handle bullies?

What are some good aspects to your personality?

What are some bad aspects to your personality?

Why did you take this quiz?

How well do you handle fear?

What are you scared of?

What is your favourite time of day?

If you could go to one of the following countries which one would you choose?

What answer do you think that you are going to get?

How good are you at solving riddles, mysteries or puzzles.

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