Which Ouran Highschool Host Club Member Would Fall for You.

All of us who love the Ouran Highschool Host Club, have at leat one guy(or two) we adore. All the OHHC quizes tell you who your perfect match would be, but, imagine being a student at Ouran Academy and you stumble across the Host Club. Let this quiz help you decide which host would fall for you based on your actions and reactions! Enjoy!

Created by sketchtheworld on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Ouran Highschool Host Club Member Would Fall for You. quiz.

You wander around the hallways for awhile and come across the abandoned music room. You open the door and find yourself at the host club. Haruhi and the others welcome you and ask your purpose there. What is your excuse?

They say you can help them out around the place. They need help decorating for the next theme. What do you do while preparing?

When the decorating and preparing is done, the Host Club opens and young girls start swarming in. What do you do?

Tamaki wants to introduce you to some of the students. What is your reaction towards them?

You sit down away from everyone for awhile and Kyoya comes up to talk to you. What do you talk about?

You walk around the room and find a Hikaru and Kaoru getting a couple of girls to play The Which One of Us is Hikaru Game. They invite you to join. What do you do?

Hunny is sitting by himself, while waiting for Mori to finish his Kendo meeting. What do you do?

You fall asleep on one of the sofa's. You wake up a little while later and find that all the customer's are gone and Haruhi and the others are surrounding you. What is your reaction?

Later on, everyone goes outside. What do you do?

The next day, your heading to the host club when a boy(not a host) stops you outside. He was confessing his love for you. You realize the host club was watching this happen from a window. What do you say to the boy?

You walk into the host club and Haruhi runs up to you and asks you about that guy. Haruhi says, "Did he ask you out? What did you say?" You notice the guys listening from behind her. What do you say to Haruhi?

(Last Act) You turn to the guys and...

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