One Direction Love Story

You're 18, live with your dad cause your mom ran off with someone. You have trust issues and your best friends name is Sam. You work at a local book store.

Created by laurengirly1999 on 11/30/1999

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You woke up to the smell of you're dad cooking you breakfast, you looked at the clock and noticed it was 8:30. You would be late for work!!!

You completely forgot it was your birthday and your dad started singing happy birthday. He said he got someone to fill in for you at work and he had a present for you. He got you 1D tickets and V.I.P. passes for 2!!!

Sam comes running in and you told her the news, she was super exited and your dad gave you money to got shopping. You kiss him good bye and grab your keys and left with Sam.

You get to the mall what outfit do you buy?

The concert was tonight so you quickly take a shower and due your hair and make-up.

When you arrive you walk through the screaming fans and you noticed that they are glaring at you cause your backstage passes. There body graurds see you guys and guide you too the hotel they were at before the show

When you guys get in there you see the boys sitting on the couch. The first one to greet you was Niall. "Well hello there! You two must be ____ and Sam!" he said with his Irish accent. You both blushed and he smiled. Then Harry came over and introduced th

I know it was kinda short but I hoped you liked it. Message me about seggustions or anything. Who's your favorite?

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