Baka and Test: Placement Quiz

Created by XxLyssaKatxX on 08/10/2012

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Science Question!!! How much of the Earth covered by water?

Math Question! How far can you recite Pi?

History time! Columbus sailed the ocean blue in what year?

Starting to get bored. The Libaray is giving out free books and you have a huge important Math test coming up. What book should you get?

How long do you do Homework?

Stupid question! What would you prefer?

You just remember you have a English test based on a book you havent read today. Your English class is your last class. WHAT DO YOU DO?

あなたは翻訳を使用した Answer this. Dont cheat. GOO!!

Whoah a class above you decided to strike a battle with your class. What would you do?

You find a wallet on the ground in your school. You open it and lets say it didnt have a name in it. What do you do?


Math again!!! What is the Circumference of a circle?

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