What Do The Avengers Think Of You?

Sooo... I was SUPAR BORED and cause I WUV THE AVENGERS I thought I'd make one of these. I dunno why after that, but these are supar fun to take, so I thought; why not? Oh, and this mah first quiz, so please be nice. THANX!!! ^^ EDIT: WOW this is AWESOME!!! I was in a rush at first, sorry, so it's better now! All the results have different scenarios, check them all out! ^^

Created by WeaselStitches on 09/24/2012

Take the What Do The Avengers Think Of You? quiz.

HAI GUYS!!! ^^ First off: Did you read the memo?

Ok, I know you'll hate moi but: *Deep breath* Whazurfavoritecolour?! *Runs and hides behind Bruce* QM: BRUCE PROTECT ME FROM THE ANGRY READERS!!! Bruce: WTF?

Pick a QUOTE!!! Yah, it's obvious, but fun. ^^

Are you...

ROLE PLAY!!! ^^ You're hanging out with the Avengers, and suddenly Loki bursts into the room and confronts you all. WHAT DO YOU DO?!

ROLE PLAY NO. DOS!!! You're alone in the lab with Bruce, when something happens and he starts to change. OH NOES!!!! WHAT DO YOU DO?!

Here's one I've been DYING to ask, and if you've not figured out already, this quiz is mainly for girls: Who's you're favourite Avenger? *Glomps Bruce* ^^

Right, just cause I want to: (And you know you can't resist)

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