How long would you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

This is a 25 question Quiz that looks at many scenarios and at what your reaction would be. PLEASE NOTE THAT WHEN I WAS MAKING THIS QUIZ I MADE IT SO PEOPLE WOULD NOT SURVIVE LONG. WHEN PEOPLE TAKE THIS TEST THEY ALL ASSUME 'OH I'LL SURVIVE' . So when I created it, I wanted a majority of those people to realize that IT IS NOT EASY to survive. If you are unhappy with your results that is no reason to dislike the test. Personally I like taking test where I cannot guess what my result will be.

Created by MasakoMako on 11/30/1999

Take the How long would you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? quiz.

You notice zombies are in your town, what is the first thing you do?

There is a pewter tea pot, a spoon and a picture frame on the nearby counter when a zombie comes at you. What do you do?

Your friend has been bitten, what do you do?

You are against a fence on one side and against the door on the other, eight zombies are coming at you, what do you do?

You are on an empty road and your car runs out of gas, what is the first thing do you do?

It is night time you are alone with a newly secured a shelter, what do you do?

You see other non-dead people for the first time in weeks, what do you do?

You rescued a nine year old kid, but you find him to be a liability. What do you do with him?

You need to enter an abandoned grocery store to collect provisions, what is the first thing you do?

Your shoelace is stuck on something ( note: you are unarmed ) and a zombies is coming at you, what do you do?

Your hair is beginning to get matted and dirty. What do you do with it?

You've broken your wrist, what do you do?

You hear a helicopter, what do you do?

You hear a radio broadcast on your radio, the broadcaster says they're in New York. What do you do?

You discover to heal the zombies back into humans all you have to do is feed them pine wood. What do you do with this new discovery?

You're in a room with ten zombies, there are five doors. Which do you choose?

You're in your camp and you find yourself bored, what do you do?

The main idea of your survival is:

You and your best friend/close sibling are trapped on a balcony, only one of you can survive. What do you do?

You set off to find a new shelter, your bag can only hold one more item, (your bag already contains a knife, a week's worth off food, a sweater, and a book on eatable plants.) pick one from the fallowing:

How long do you think you will survive?

You haven't eaten for a week, you find a few things to eat in a nearby house. Which do you eat?

How many zombies can you fight at one time?

What do you use to protect yourself?

Sometimes It comes down to luck, If you get away safely or if you don't.

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