How bad do you have to pee???


Created by havenolifemakequizzes on 12/09/2012

Take the How bad do you have to pee??? quiz.

on a scale 1 to 10 how bad is your urge right now?

Are you potty dancing?

How are you potty dancing?

Now lets have some fun do the worm ten times Hows that bladder feeling

how much have you drank today?

When did you last pee?

Imagine yellow what comes to mind?

imagine yourself in this situation what do you do? you in math and start to feel growing pressure. you immediately regret those 4 ice teas with lunch. you cross your legs but in 30 minutes you NEED to go so you raise your hand and ask the teacher says no

now how bad ?

Read this

Lay on the growingd with your feet far abort but your hands in fists under your bladder take 30 deep breaths what happens?

drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip the water trickles on forever

think of porceline

Now read this How do you feel? the warm golden water flows down trickling down your leg

now how bad?

Try doing the splits when your as far down as you can go completely relax what happens?

Press on your bladder what do you feel?

Relax every musel and try to pee just a tiny bit then regain control what happened

imagine a stream trinkling down a mountain the cool water flowing now relax completely and imagine getting a drink from it.

stand as tall as you can and reach way.., up

think about warmth engulfing your body relax drink 5 gulps of water now wait a minute how do you feel?

are you near a toilet?

What do you call pee?

Imagine a nice white toilet and the sound of pee dripping into it

now how bad

yum lemonade

read you at the park and you relize that your small need to pee has gotten bad you try to ignore it but cant. you look for a tree but theres none around U ?

stand legs far apart relax completely and think about warm pee.....


are you dry ?

did you enjoy this quiz?

was this a good quiz please message me your opinion

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