Which Kagerou Days Character Are You?

This is a quiz that includes Shintaro; Ene; Momo; Mary; Seto; Kano; Kido; Hibiya; Ayano It's based off the songs/novels/manga by Jin (Shizen no TekiP). I RECOMMEND LISTENING TO HIS AMAZING SONGS!!!

Created by damare1998 on 11/22/2012

Take the Which Kagerou Days Character Are You? quiz.

Let's start with the cliche question. What's your favorite color??

So what do you do during your summer vacations?

When you're in a group of friends, which position are you normally?

In "Kagerou Days" all of the songs have some kind of story to it regarding their "eyes". Which one do you think will match you best?

What do people describe you as? I know it's an overused question lol.

Now for the "situation questions"!! So if your sibling (best friend if you don't have one) was being bullied by someone ... how would you feel??

You're almost done! Are you an inside or an outside person??

Last question ... Characters you like??

I lied lol. So which character do you WANT to be?

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