What 'Rise of the Guardians' character are you?

Guardians only!

Created by etherealMusician on 11/30/1999

Take the What 'Rise of the Guardians' character are you? quiz.

You are Apple, of the Cheese Walrus kind. You're only capability is leaving the lake. It is Easter! There are some canoers on the lake, and they are singing about you! What is going through your mind?

You spontaneously transcend into a higher stage of life. You are now a color! What color are you?

You are a T-shirt, and some weirdo is pointing a garden hose at you. What is your reaction?

You are walking your normal route to school/work. All of the sudden, you start to fall! You look down and see a hundred-foot cliff that wasn't there yesterday. You're thoughts as you're about to die are:

You wake up from the dream about falling, but realize that something is wrong. You're an animal! What animal are you?

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