(35) You're the One (WWYFF One Direction)

Helloooo everyone!! :) Yes I came up with the idea for this music video as well! Tell me what you think of how I interpreted the song, etc. Here is a link to see a pic of the male model in the vid with you! http://www.malemodelscene.net/wilhelmina-models/vladimir-ivanov-gq-style-germany/ Please message me with all your opinions! Also, check out my latest cover "Price Tag" by Jessie J, but the Conor Maynard version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-eJsucIw3k I'd really appreciate it!!

Created by fredlove705 on 11/30/1999

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Liam was still talking to Adrianna? You bite your lip, trying to hide your disappointment. It would have been nice to have him there for you instead of talking to some girl he just met. The boys gives you little smiles and Ed squeezes your shoulder.

“We’re all ready! Great!” Darren claps his hands. He leads the way outside on a normal street, the camera crew all huddled around one flat. It looks like you’re in the middle of a quaint little town. There’s no sign of Liam or Adrianna anywhere.

You stand next to Zayn and Ed, who still has his arm around you casually like you’ve been friends for years. Darren then explains what is going to happen. “So the story line for this is you two are best friends, but ____ here has a boyfriend that she’s

You nod,smiling at the cute idea. Ed gives you a smirk before he gets in position. The boyfriend is a very attractive male model. You grin and stick out your hand, introducing yourself. You find that his name is Vladimir and he speaks very little English.

First are the scenes with you and your boyfriend. You drive up to the house, pretending to get back from a trip. You hop out with Vladimir, gathering bags from the back, glancing back at Ed and grinning, give him a big wave before Vladimir frowns and

You act out a few more scenes with Vladimir: having a romantic candlelit dinner although you didn’t look so happy and kept glancing out the window; lying under the covers in bed, wide away and staring at the ceiling while Vladimir pretends to sleep next

The fight scene came and you and Vladimir had it out. It was hard for both of you, since you needed to yell and be mad. You kept giggling but finally after three takes, you were done and Vladimir’s job was over. You gave him a hug and a goodbye wave.

Next came the scenes with Ed. First you were put into a set of pajamas, red and white plaid pants and a plain white tank top. You and Ed acted out a night of fun as best friends. It began in the kitchen, baking cupcakes. You smirk at each other.

“Here you are, m’lady,” Ed says, bowing and handing you a stick of butter. You giggle, in charge of stirring the dough. Ed plays some music,that would obviously be muted for the music video, and you dance around the kitchen,baking and having a great time.

Ed puts some on nose playfully and you smear some butter on his cheek, giggling. You keep your eyes locked and act lovingly toward each other, but don’t kiss or anything. Soon, the baking scene is over and you bring a bowl of popcorn into the living room.

You fall on the couch next to Ed and both go under a blanket, watching the screen. It was a very romantic movie and you two had to act out a few cute little moments, like touching hands in the bowl, glancing over at each other at the kissing scenes, etc.

You notice the whole time that the four boys are watching you carefully from behind the camera. You giggle and joke around with Ed before Darren calls you to get on top of him. The popcorn forgotten, you have a tickle fight and end up on top of him.

Then, he whispers, “Kiss me like you want to be loved,” and you oblige, since Darren calls, “Kiss him!!” excitedly. You lean down and plant your lips on Ed’s. You didn’t feel any sparks or anything, but managed to pull it off with the acting. Liam comes

The kiss is long. You break away finally, smiling. Ed has a goofy grin on his face. He certainly seemed to have enjoyed it. He smirks as Darren calls cut. “I knew I chose the right girl for the job,” Ed says quietly to you, winking and helping you up.

“And that’s a wrap for you, ____!” Darren says, smiling wide and giving you a clap. Everyone claps with him even the five 1D lads, and you blush, glancing away. “Aww, thanks!” You say, a grin on your face. “Great job, really. You’re free to go now.”

You see two couples then come onto the street. One of the couples was about six and the other about eleven or twelve. They were supposed to be you and Ed as kids, best friends since the beginning. They’d have cute scenes in the video too. You smile as

“And to think Darren’s first idea was a wedding,” Ed chuckles, winking at you before you are to get out of your clothes. You go to the changing area alone and strip down. You pull on your outfit from the morning’s interview, which seems like ages ago now.

Just as you yank on your shirt, the door opens and Zayn hurries inside, distraught. “What’s wrong?” you say and he steps right up to you, cupping your face in his hands. “I’ve already seen you kiss the other lads in our music video..." He begins.

“I don’t need to see you kissing another.” Zayn finishes. His eyes are wide and full of sadness and your heart wrenches at the thought of Zayn standing on the sidelines again, watching as you kiss yet another boy that wasn’t him. “I’m sorry.." you start.

“I love you so much, ____. I hope you know that,” Zayn tells you earnestly, his eyes searching yours. He pulls you to him, pressing his lips passionately to yours.Your thoughts go flying out the window as your lips move in harmony, leaving you breathless.

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