wwyff -the birthmark- part 1

Ok...this is the first chapter...hope you like it. :) Soooo your name is Kayleight but your friends call you Kay and you are 17 years old. You live in a town by the sea with your sister, parents and your cat. You will find more details about Kayleght in the story

Created by angelofdarkness03 on 11/30/1999

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It is weekend and you are walking through the mall with your bestfriend, Lory.She is such a girly-girl and wants to visit all the stores. You on the other hand, are a tomboy. Which store will you visit first?

You only came with Lory because you promised that you will help her find a dress for the ball which is in 2 weeks. She finds a beautiful dress and you two go to the changing rooms. How does the dress look like?

You are waiting for Lory outside.After a few minutes you notice a pair of eyes looking at you.You look back at the boy who is staring at you but he won`t drop his gaze.You look at each other for a long time.You knew this wasnt jus a flirt. what do you do?

Before you can make anything the guy is standing right beside you. You are scared. What do you do?

He just nods. Now you can see him clearly. He looks just like the emo guys from your highschool. He told you that he wants to talk in private with you. Will you accept?

You told him that and then Lory came out. ''It doesn`t fit!'' she said. ''oh. who`s that?''

''oh ok! im gonna find another dress. stay here and wait for me with...um..this guy'' Lory said and then left too fasr for me to say anything. How do you feel?

''Hi, my name is Anthony and you need to come with me.'' You are shocked at first. He`s just a stranger and he wants you to come with him. What do you say?

He acts like he didn`t hear you ans say something so quiet that you can`t hear it. Then he just take your hand and you both leave th store.Your brain can`t control your body.It`s just like a spell. You are taken away by a stranger and you can`t do anythng

Whatever you tried to do...it didn`t work. You two hide behind a tree and he looks at your hand, right where your birthmark is and says: ''you are the choosen one. don`t tell anyone about me or els you`ll get in big troubles. we`ll meet again'' and he run

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