wwyff - the birthmark- part 3 ~more questions~

Created by angelofdarkness03 on 11/30/1999

Take the wwyff - the birthmark- part 3 ~more questions~ quiz.

"Rise and shine!" somebody yelled from the other side of the door. ''What do you want Anthony?'' ''...to wake you up, it`s 10!''

''Hey there" the guys greeted you ''how`s it going? any more questions?'' asked Nathan. ''Come, have a seat and take a pancake''

''No" you said quietly "i don`t have any questions". You are too afraid to ask them anything at the moment. ''Actually....she has some questions..." said Anthony

''Yes. i do have a superpower. I can read and influence weak minds. And really? There`s only 2 weeks left of school. Nobody will notice that you are missing. The prom...hmm...i don`t think so."

''Hmm....you are interested in my brother" at this moment Nathan blushed. "he doesn`t have any superpower...i can say that im special and he`s not. Your family? I`ll erase their memories."

''And about this queen thing...what am i supposed to do?" ''Youre not gonna do anything, your slaves will do it for you.''

''Slaves?" "Yeah, we don`t need an echo." "Tony, shut up". "And by the way...is there gonna be a ceremony or something?" "Of course!"

"Aaaand yeah....we need to buy you clothes." Anthony said reading my mind "What`s wrong with my old ones?" "They`re not suitable for a queen"

"Right now?" i asked surprised. "Yeah.Any more questions? Or i`ll have to get them out of your head again?" said Anthony. "Umm...there`s one...Is everything gonna be as easy as it seems?" "Not really. there`s a group of people who don`t want a leader .

"Anything else you want to know?" "No" *a few momoents of silence* "Yeah she`s telling the truth. No more questions".

''Enough! Let`s find her something nice to wear" said Nathan. "Yeah fine. whatever." And the three of you went to the local store.

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