Hey guys heres a quiz!

Created by XxRainandReixX on 11/30/1999

Take the Victoria quiz.

I was staring at the ceiling for the remainder of the day Lucky fell asleep at the foot of my bed.I occasionally petted his brown fur.I was about to drift off when I realized.I was stuck in a house with supernatural boys.Score!

Well not really from what I read in books it ends with that lovey dovey mushy stuff or a very tragic death...Not much of a score but i'm more than likely screwed.The arguing downstairs grew louder.I didn't notice it ti'll now. guess i'm used to it

"You didn't have to be so rude!"Alexander growled.I'm guessing that he was talking to Kain"She flicked me off!She deserved it"He said with the coldest voice possible."She's not Victoria so cut it out!"Isis said also very cold

I opened my door and peeked downstairs.Kains eyes were bright red"Don't ever say that name again"He threatened and started to walk up the stairs.I snuck back in my room."Who's Victoria?"I mumbled

As I was walking to my bed I ran into something"What the?"It was someone tall,wearing black clothes.I look up and saw those piercing green eyes"You should stop snooping"He said"And you should get out of my room"I smiled and walk past him

He grabbed my wrist"You look just like her,but you act nothing like her"He actually looked sincere for once.Oh crap hes staring at me! Time to say something clever!"Are you going to fall in love with me now?"I laughed.Okay that was stupid

He looked confused"You think I like you?I just met you and I can't stand you"His eyes were now a bright red"You two don't smell the same...You smell gross"I was offended"Well thanks?could you let go of me now?"I was getting angry

He bent down and put his lips to my neck.Holy shit hes gonna bite me!Am I blushing?"What are you doing?!"I squirmed"Shut up and stay still"He growled and bit my neck.It felt like my neck was on fire."Move wierdo!"I pushed him off causing him to scrap my n

"Idiot!"He growled"Have fun with that"He said and dissapeared"I guess I am an Idiot..."I said putting my hand up to my bleeding neck."Gross...Blood"I sadi and passed out

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