Innocent Flower in The Garden {A D.Gray-Man RP} Part 26~

Alright part 26...we left off with u and Lavi talking in ur bed room.

Created by AverlingTN11 on 11/30/1999

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"The others are gonna try and keep u away from Neah.They think he's a liability to us..and might get u hurt."he said."I see..Well Im gonna try to relax for a little bit with the science division ok."u said as u walked out of the room down the hall.

u sighed."Wat now?Is Neah gonna stay away for my own sake?"u asked."What am I asking Of coarse he is...Baka."u said."Baka..Bak-Damnit..ass hole said he was gonna talk to me today."u sighed and shook ur head."Oh well."u shrugged.

u spotted Lenalee as she ran up to u."Huh? Hi lenalee."u said."Hey Avery my Brother is calling u to his office."she said as she grabbed ur arm."come on."she said and u both ran to his office.when u got there u saw a man already with Komui.

Lenalee left u in the room with the two men and closed the door."Welcome back Avery I would like u to meet someone."Komui said as the man in te chair infront of him stood up and looked at u."I am Bak Chan."the man introduced himself.

u were shocked so u took a step back."Oh im srry Nice to meet u I am Avery J. Nightmare."u said bowing.u then stood straight again."But do u mind telling me wat ur doing here?"u asked."Oh-"he was about to answer when Komui cut him off."Oh He's here to see

Bak's cheeks blushed the same shade as urs and he imminently turned to Komui."Komui why did u say that!?"he shouted embarrassed."Well that's wat u told me so I told her."Komui said shrugging.they fought like kids for a bit which made u chuckle.

They looked at u then began to regain their maturity."Plz come sit."Komui said waving his hand to a chair next to Bak.u sat down."Plz explain to Bak about urself."He said grinning.u narrowed ur eyes at him."We maybe childhood friends but I will hit u."u s

he sat back in his chair a little scared then u turned ur attention to Bak."want the just of it?"u asked."Plz If u dont mind."he said."Alright..Im a Judas Cryptic Natural enemies to the Noah.My Judas name is Jinx Nightmarish Judas of 7 sins.Meaning Lust,G

"I was affiliated with both the Noah and Judas at one point.And About a Year and a half ago I was killed in battle against General cross and Yeeger."u finished."I see so u have been through a lot."he said bluntly.u nodded."I'de prefer to be called Avery."

"Alright Avery."He said smiling."How would u like to come to the Asian Branch with me?"he asked.ur eyes widened."M-Me?"u stuttered."Yup..ur strong and pretty.We need more ppl like u on the Asian branch."he said lifting up ur hand and kissing it.

ur cheeks blushed a deep red."Even if u say no..I will need an escort back to Asia."he said grinning at u.u looked at Komui and he shrugged."I W-want...To stay here but go with u..when do we leave?"u asked."In 3 days..I'll give u till then for ur answer a

u nodded and left the room.u closed the door behind u."W-What just?"u said then u felt the presence of a noah near by.ur eyes widened when u realized it was Tyki's presence u felt."I need to tell Komui."u said as u opened the door."Komui a Noah is here."u

"What? How do u know?"he asked as he shot up from his chair.u looked away."Just trust me ok."u said as Tyki grabbed ur hair and pulled u into him."Ahh!" "Avery!"u heard the two men shout."So goodbye to ur friends Jinx."Tyki said.

"Back off Tyki."u said as u struggled.He held up his hand were he also held a purple butterfly."Shit."u muttered."So u remember."he said."To hell with this.KANDA LAVI ALLEN!!!"u shouted loud enough for everyone to hear."Thats pointless."he said.

u heard ur friends run towards u then stop when they saw Tyki."U again?"Kanda said."Dont u dare hurt her!'Lavi shouted."U'll have to kill me before u hurt her."Allen stated."It's a shame I came only for her."Tyki said grinning.u looked at Kanda's eyes and

"U-KI-ME!"u shouted and ur eyes turned a light icy blue with purple on the top half of them like Ikkida's.Tyki let go of u as he held his head in pain.ur whole body changed.ur skin got pale white and ice cold,ur hair turned blood red with ice blue highlig

"Never come here again Tyki!"u shouted as u lifted him up by his collar and kissed him."Dont take that personal..Thats my price when I use this power."u said annoyed.He then disappeared."Jack ass."u mumbled then changed back to normal.

u looked at Bak and he had a grin on his face.Then u looked at ur friends and saw them look scared of u."Im srry."u mouthed then disappeared.u reappeared on the edge of the order."Damnit..How could I let Jinx out right then."u said.

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