In Love With a Vampire, Demon, and Angel (part 7) I'M THE WHAT?!!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't been updating for a while. I've been lazy lately. So, I hope you like part 7. Please rate high and message.

Created by Egono on 05/07/2008

Take the In Love With a Vampire, Demon, and Angel (part 7) I'M THE WHAT?!!!!!!! quiz.

RECAP: "But Damon, what about the oth- "Just forget about the others and be mine" he cut you off, and started kissing you again. This time, he added a little tongue to it. All of a sudden you started thinking about the others. What would Haden think of thi

So, by the time Vadon was done making dinner, you, Damon, and Haden were already at the dining room sitting down. Vadon came back with two dishes of food and a bag of blood(or at least that's what you think it is). He dropped a dish in front of you, and th

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