Which Greek God or Goddess are you?

Alright, let me make this clear: Men, just because you are Aphrodite, doesn't mean you have boobs. Note: I do not have ALL The Greek God/Goddess on here. I have most of the more popular ones. If you enjoyed this quiz, message me for any other suggestions or comments. It really means a lot! Thanks!

Created by KandK129 on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Greek God or Goddess are you? quiz.

Say you have a mood ring. What color would it be?

All greek god/goddess have their animals. Like us humans, you must have a favorite animal to. If yours isn't listed, it's either extinct or irrelevant so just pick something from he list

Now let's pretend you are that god/goddess; a very attractive woman/ma (whatever your preference is) comes up to you and said her dog is lost in a forbidden, dangerous cave...what is your reaction?

Your daily routine include...

We all have our secrets. What are some of yours? It's not like I know who you are...I won't judge you. :P

What BEST fits your personality or current mood?

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