Which Creepypasta character is stalking you?

Apparently i have a new obssesion with Creepypasta and MarbleHornets :3...are here any fans of those things and want to chat? Q A Q Also this quiz come out randomly while i told my bff about those stories,so enjoy~ Beware of BLOODY,GORE,ROMANCE OR FLUFFY results c: P.S The results are with the most popular Creepypasta characters also know as :Jeff the killer,Slenderman,BEN Drowned,Masky,Hoodie and Eyeless Jack

Created by XCookiesxFreakX on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Creepypasta character is stalking you? quiz.

First off did you read the info?If not,please read it.Now let's start.Your mom told you that if you don't change your grades you will be grounded.What is your reaction?

You were on your way back home from school,but you felt like somebody was stalking and following you.What did you do?

You found out your boyfriend cheated on you,your friend and parents told you to forget about him,but you couldn't stop thinking about him,he also send you messages,flowers,chocolate,letters,but you won't forgive him that was the last straw.

Did you ever felt like somebody was watching every move you made and also you felt that he/she touched you but when you turned nobody was there?

Have you heard sound or foot steps on your room/house?If so then did you even hear whispers or voices?

So who do you like from Creepypasta?

If you could be a superhero,who you would like to be?

Sorry if this is short,but i am out of ideas~.Did you like this short quiz?Anyway bye and see you next time,also message me if you want to chat :3~

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