MY QUIZ FOR MY DEBUT BACK IN ZILLA~ Doing Karneval for a change, I really love the series and I hope I'll do it justice. The choices are split into two parts: Gareki, Yogi and Hirato in the "odds" chapters and Karoku, Jiki and Tsukitatchi on the "even" chapters. Hope you like it~

Created by KingdomKrown on 05/04/2013

Take the KARNEVAL ⌧ FESTIVAL [01.] quiz.

“Well, good news. Her regular health is stable, her IQ has improved since the last test.” a voice answered. It felt like you were floating in space, your vision swam with blurs and colours unable to make out anything precise.

“But her memories will take a bit of time to recover.” the doctor continued. “I actually still can't get over the fact she survived that incident. It's been too long. She remembers her name and the basics but anything other than that...”

You can feel that you were sitting on the side of the bed, a doctor frequently spoke to you and assured you what he was testing and how he was going to do it. “I see, thank you for your help, Doctor.”

“Just take her with you, perhaps a fool's idiotic actions will help her recover her memories.” the doctor spoke. “As you say,” a foreign voice spoke with amusement, a small wieght on your shoulder and a face came into your vision.

“[Name], can you hear me? It's Hirato.” he spoke. You blinked a couple of times to clear your vision a bit more. You managed to make out his face, handsome and decked in a suit with a top hat – his glasses hide a sign of mischief.

“Hira... to.” you echoed in fragments. Hearing his name from you, he continued to speak, “I'm going to bring you to the second ship, you'll stay there until you recover.” You nodded slowly as your response. “Can you stand?”

You followed Hirato like a duckling, within his long strides you managed to keep up for some reason. It wasn't long before some sheep shaped dolls started to tottle over where you are. “Welcome back, Baa. Welcome back baa” they chanted

The male beside you tipped his top hat, “I'm back, [Name], come and greet them.” He watched you as you crouched down, staring at the sheep with great fascination. With a shaky voice, you replied to them:

Hirato smiled, more than satisfied with your response nonetheless. The horns of the sheep spun rapidly in recognition of your voice, “Welcome back, baa.” the sheep replied once more before going off to their regular duties.

“Hiratoo~” a loud voice called from the distance, you turned to see a tall blonde running down the hall, ignoring the scolds from the sheep of not to run. A petite girl accompanied him. “You called for us?”

“Yogi, Tsukumo, good timing. I'd like to introduce to you [Name].” he introduced, “She just recovered from her coma, I want you to look after her as long she belongs to Second Ship.” Hirato smiled.

“[Name], huh?” The blonde male smiled, “I'm Yogi! This is Tsukumo, if you need something just ask, okay?” Tsukumo, smiled softly the moment she was mentioned. You opened your mouth to give an appropriate greeting:

Surprised at your sudden voice and greeting, they grew warm afterwards. “Yeah! We'll have fun here!” Yogi cheered. “Oi, it's too noisy here.” an new comer complained. “Ah! Yogi! Tsukumo! Welcome back!” someone greeted

“Gareki! Lil' Nai! We're back!” Yogi quickly rushed up to embrace them. While the white haired boy seemed to enjoy the embrace, the other yelled at his captor to release him. Even Tsukumo and Hirato looked amused.

“Ah, I nearly forgot! Gareki, Nai, meet [Name], she'll be with us for a while.” Yogi gestured to you, you started in surprise when he addressed you. Gareki's eyes narrowed when his gaze fell on you. “Yeah, I know her. The statue woman.”

The situation turned grim, the tension in the air grew. Even Yogi grew rigid at the sound of Gareki's cold answer. Even Tsukumo peeked from the corner of her eyes to you, who stood unfazed by his coldness.

“If you keep pulling a face like that.” you started, surprising he others at your words, “You won't be popular with the girls.” Everyone else seemed to be shocked at your choice of words in reply to Gareki.

“Well, you children play nicely,” He smiled, “I'm going back to work. Look after yourself, [Name].” Gareki scoffed, obviously irritated at your words and by Hirato's behaviour. “I'll kill you one day,”

“Gareki! No being mean to [Name]!” Nai protested, grabbing Gareki's jacket sleeve. “My, my, Let's come and do something! [Name], what do you want to do? You wanna eat? Or do you want to tour the second ship? I KNOW! We can play a game!”

“Y-Yogi! Are you sure? I'm sure [Name] is tired from all her medical checks and all,” Tsukomo inisited. “It's alright...” you interrupted, “I'm not tired... or hungry. I don't mind... playing a game.” you offered a smile instead.

“Hide and Seek!” Nai suggested happily even raising his hand in the air, Gareki's mood just seem to grow fouler by the second. “Oi, do you remember what happened the last time we did that?...”

“Then... I'll be it.” you said, “I'd like to... get to know the ship more this way...” - By your final words and smile, it was decided that you would all play Hide and Seek. The sheep stood behind you as you counted down to 1000.

But after searching for 10 minutes you still couldn't find anyone, you spotted a random sheep crossing your way. “Um, Mister Sheep?” at your voice, the sheep turned to you. “What is it, Baa?” “Do you know where the others are?”

“Aren't you playing Hide and Seek, Baa? Cheating is not allowed, Baa.” it replied. “I -I know... but.. can you give a hint at least?” you begged as you couched to its height. “Baa... Have you tried these places?”

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