What Elder Scrolls Class/Build are you?

What Elder Scrolls Class/Build are you? The noble knight? The crafty thief? Find out by taking part! This is my first quiz, and it's based off the pre-built classes from The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion. It isn't just about combat and stats, though - it takes into account what those classes would be like personality-wise.

Created by LushPhoenix on 11/30/1999

Take the What Elder Scrolls Class/Build are you? quiz.

You're about to go on the adventure of your life, full of mystery, danger, and excitement! Before you leave your village (forever?), you have to prepare some armour! What will you wear?

Now you've got your armour, what will you wield as you adventure? You can't explore beast-infested caves, bandit lairs, and undead-filled crypts with nothing!

In order to fund your adventuring and also help yourself, what profession will you pick up?

When you come across a difficult social situation, be it a tense trade or a moment when a silver tongue could save lives, what do you do?

A locked chest is all that stands between you and a powerful treasure. What do you do?

While you're exploring a ruin full of rather unpleasant things (to say the least!) how do you navigate?

Out of these places, where would you rather be?

What would you say your morality is, and what style of that chosen morality? Do you believe in what you're doing, and try to keep it clean? Do you not care? Or do you do whatever it takes?

What is most important to you?

Which of these attributes would you like a lot of?

Which trait would you like the most?

If you could be any major race in Tamriel, what would you be?

Be honest - do you commit a lot of crime?

Which of these factions do you think you would belong to?

Which route of battle would you take? Would you master one? Or fuse two to create an odd new breed of fighter?

What is your opinion on killing and death?

What are you best described as?

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