What warrior cat are you?

Figure out what warrior cat you are most like. You will find out the name, personality, and looks of your warrior cat.

Created by hopestreak59 on 08/24/2013

Take the What warrior cat are you? quiz.

It's a sunny day, and the fresh kill pile is high. You decide too:

You hear a prophecy in your dreams which tells you to disobey your leader and journey into another clan's territory. You:

What clan are you in?

You spot an intruder in camp. You:

You see a sick cat on the other side of the river. You either:

Imagine you are clan leader. It's a full moon, and time for the clan's to meet! At the meeting in Fourtrees, one of the Clan Leaders asks for some of your territory since they are running short on prey. You:

Where is your favorite place to relax?

Your friend is in trouble! They accidently strayed into rival territory, and were captured by the enemy clan. You:

What trait do you have?

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