What Disney Song Best Represents You?

Find out which Disney song fits your personality best!

Created by RDJoker on 11/30/1999

Take the What Disney Song Best Represents You? quiz.

Your sports club needs a new captain, as your last one graduated. Who do you think will take his/her place?

You are out at Karaoke with your friends when your friend picks a song you don't know, nor have the voice to sing. What do you do?

Pick all the words that best describe you! (Answer truthfully)

You get the feeling you are being stalked, but the stalker doesn't seem all that threatening. What do you do?

You are being singled out by bullies at your school and all of them are picking on you. Why are they doing that?

You're the only witness to a murder, but the murderer warns you to keep quiet or you'll be his next target. What do you do?

You're on the run from the police, though you didn't do anything wrong...right? Why are they chasing you?

You somehow got sent into a book, and now you are living the story-line. What kind of book is it and how are you reacting to this?

Someone bumped into you. When you checked for your wallet, it was gone. What do you do now?

Pick your favorite setting!

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