Spin the bottle creepypasta

I'm in the spirit of Halloween, so I've decided to gather all of my little pasta monster friends and play a game! BEN: Try dragging us here against our will! Me: Oh, quiet my little marshmallow *tapes BEN's mouth and puts him in a room full of fangirls* BEN: *Muffles* YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT! Jeff: Ha! Loser! Slenderman: *slaps Jeff and strangles him with tentacles* Jack: *sigh* Why am I surrounded by idiots? Yes, I am friends with the pastas in real life, don't believe me you can fuck off! X)

Created by TheMysteriousBlueRose on 11/30/1999

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So, this is still a question answer quiz! Where would you like to go for your date?

How does your man act around you?

What would he do if you were in danger?

Pick a face!

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