{21} Trapped in Time ~Heartbeat~ {For Girls} [ WWYFF]

Part 21, I'm sorry it's taken a little while to get this out! I hope you guys enjoy this episode! There is an extra-option. But It's not /exactly/ an extra character. hehehe. I love you guys! Please rate and let me know what you think! I've also got a poll going for who your fave TinT guy is, if you'd like to take it. ^_^

Created by AsheTheShadowMistress on 11/30/1999

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I looked up surprised from my bed where I'd just been carried. There at the door stood Talon Thrane. He had been so gentle and caring, so soft and unlike him. I swallowed back the shock not sure quite what to think about it.

He turned his head, noticing my eyes were open. "You weren't afraid of me?" He asked almost brokenly. I pushed myself to sit up a little, squinting at him where he stood in the shadow near the door.

Thrane sighed coming out of the shadows, to stand in the light cast by the windows across the room from him. "I see," He muttered. "Can I not be your friend?" He asked, watching me sit up a little more like I was drawing back from him.

This made him chuckle low. "How marvellously honest you are..." He mused aloud coming closer and sitting down on the bed next to me. "You're really quite something. Jezebel." Resting his talon like hand down on mine where it sat.

He considered my words for a second and took his hand away, smiling devilishly. He leant in close so that his lips were at my ear and murmured "As you desire it, I shall do, my pet." This made me shiver uncontrollably.

"Why are you so horrid?" It slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it. He chuckled low and shook his head. "I am what I am. Years of death, bloodshed and control have played a part in it, I'll admit." He shrugged it off.

"Control?" I blinked up at him. He nodded. "I am cursed, Jezebel, controlled by animal instincts and the power that makes me so very unchallenged." He smirked then. "What you call horrid, others would call good fortune."

"Perhaps, but I am content with my role in the grand scheme of things. Content is a virtue rarely mastered by any." He said smirking and lifting a piece of my hair, looking at it in wonder almost. Entranced by it...

"I could never be content with so much darkness!" I said thoughtlessly. He looked very little concerned with it. "Then you will never be content at all." These words stirred up more ominous threat than I thought I could feel.

Thrane moved forward then, his hand cupping one of my cheeks. I felt my heart start to race, thudding hard against my ribcage in a panic as his breath touched my lips. I squirmed back a little, but he only moved closer.

His lips turned up at the corners, his green eyes on mine flashing pallid blue for an instant as he smirked at me. His nose brushed my cheek and then his lips were on mine. I felt myself jolt back, although I was in no position to pull away.

When his lips touched mine they were suddenly warm and soft. Somehow they were strangely gentle. It made my whole body shiver. For a moment there was a flash of someone else. He looked different. Younger, un-worn by time and the beast within him...

His skin had a life like peach hue to it, even in the dark. His long dark hair had a fringe for a moment that over hung his closed eyes. Everything about him for a split second reverted into something very human and vulnerable. New. To me anyway.

I closed my eyes and I heard it, a beat not my own. It was so suddenly present I wondered if his heart had beat before that moment. He gasped, pulling away from me as if he couldn't breathe, pushing himself to his feet...

Panting and holding his hand over his chest where there was an odd orange glow. He looked very much himself again. But there was fear growing in his eyes, shock and surprise multiplying with it.

The hand at his chest fisted, as if trying to contain the beat, he stumbled out of the room, struggling to choke down breath. I sat there my hands over my mouth wondering what I had done... what had happened to Thrane?

I heard a clattering in the hallway just then. My heart racing, I pushed the covers off of my legs and ran out into the hall. There on the floor was a boy about my age in clothes that were far too big for him. Talon's clothes.

In a panic I rushed to his side and knelt down by him. I put my hand on his shoulder and he moved, making me shudder back. Looking up at me with lavender blue eyes, young and innocent. A black fringe hanging into his eyes.

He was the boy I'd seen when Thrane kissed me. I swallowed back a lump in my throat and resting my shaking hand hesitantly on his cheek. A faint smile played on his lips before he started to shake, a dark green aura rising from him.

He pushed up to his feet and scowled down at me before he stormed away, completely recovered. I stared after him shocked and confused. I sighed and returned to my room for the night and finally went sound to sleep.

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