What do your friends actually think about you? Really? [With nice pictures]

This is a test that shows you the truth about you, or - almost, becouse friends can be unfair - so.

Created by Garytar on 05/13/2008

Take the What do your friends actually think about you? Really? [With nice pictures] quiz.

Your shopping with two friends. Yoy find the most LOVELY t-shirt ever. What do you tell your friends?

Well, after that (previous quiestion) your friend says: "Uh, taht shirt is so ugly." What do you do next?

What music do you listen at?

Your friend and you are in a local wc fixing your hair. Your friend just says "Oh I'm SO DAMN UGLY!!" What do you say to that?

One of your friends, that you think is ok, but sometimes a bitch bitch bitch, but she is popular, well, she askes you "Hey, wanna go shopping with me after school today?" You have promised to your mom that you would clean up your room straight after school

There's this new fashion in school, you gotta wear cowboy-boots. You absolutly hate them, they are ugly as what. What do you do?

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