What is your special element and power?

I worked on this with my friend for like a week so i hope u like it ^-^...oh yeah, sorry in advance if ur result doesnt fit u...one of the advantages of reading memos...then again nobody reads memos...

Created by supdudethedude on 05/07/2008

Take the What is your special element and power? quiz.

This has got to be the most overly used question on the whole stinkin' website but *sigh* im not even going to ask...

Choose three words to describe ur self...(ONLY THREE!)

This probably has the most to do with the quiz, but anyway...say u have ONE element that u can control and ONE special ability...what would they be...

Role play! Ur at a secret island and u find a sparkly rock. What do u do with it?

Role play!! {AGAIN} The local bully is harassing ur friends.U...

Role play *sigh* again u have a part in the school play and u suddenly forget ur lines. u...

"Angelic" role play lets say u were a angel and a little boy was cring because his mommy died. u...

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