Which cat comic character are you?

Yeah, lame title. I don't have an official name for the series yet! But still.. I hope this is fun enough! Enjoy!

Created by TaeshiLH on 05/13/2008

Take the Which cat comic character are you? quiz.

You've noticed the new student is a huge jerk.. and he's coming to talk to you! How would you react or respond?

What kind of student are you in class?

You see two bullies picking on a young, defenseless girl and they’re trying to snatch her money. What do you do?

What do people normally think of you?

Someone’s hitting on you and obviously shows great interest! What do you do?

Where would you most like to be on the weekend?

Someone you know is stealing money and items from a store! What do you do?

How are you in terms of education?

Any gifts or talents you have?

A group of people are whispering and pointing at you.. how would you respond?

Any fears?

What's your best personality trait?

What's your worst personality trait?

What do you think of the opposite sex?

How are you in terms of sports? From racing to baseball.. to even soccer?

How are you in terms of meeting new people or talking with acquaintances?

And finallyyyy.. I want you to write a good question for this final question because I cannot think of anything now! What do you say?

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