Is Your Boyfriend Loyal?

My boyfriend recently cheated on me. So I made a quiz out of it lol.

Created by KelsoJo on 05/13/2008

Take the Is Your Boyfriend Loyal? quiz.

Does he call you everyday?

Does he seem intrested in you?

When you ask him to go somewhere w/u does he say he's goin somwhere else w/friends and not say who?

When he talks to other girls does he look them in the eye?

When you guys are together do you have to make the first move?

Does he deny things that you are upset about him doing?

If you consider him the one does he consider you the one?

Does he talk about other girls often?

Does he hold conversation with you well?

If he did cheat would he try to make it better between u 2 if he got caught?

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