When will you get your period? GIRLS ONLY

This quiz is for girls who are just waiting for their periods to arrive. This quiz can give you an estimate on when it might come but do not completely count on this because it could be far off. Your body has an internal time-table that will make your period come when it's ready! Try visiting: http://beinggirl.com/en_US/pages/home.jsp for more information.

Created by Snowy-Dragon on 05/07/2008

Take the When will you get your period? GIRLS ONLY quiz.

How old are you?

How much do you weigh? (I know this is a personal question but no one will know but you.)

Do you have vaginal discharge?

Do you have pubic hair (the hair in your crotch area)?

Do you have armpit hair?

Have you ever experienced a growth spurt? (A growth spurt is going faster than you normally grow in a year. In most cases it's about 4-6 inches in one year.)

Do you have some breast development?

How tall are you?

Are you physically small?

About how long have you been experiencing puberty? (How long have you been experiencing all these symptoms: vaginal discharge, a growth spurt, pubic hair, armpit hair, and breast development?)

Are you experiencing any cramps in your abdomen, in your back, or even down your legs? (Some women don't get menstual cramps, so if you don't get them but you have the other signs, it's ok)

What age did your mom start her period? (This is very important because your genetics have a lot to do in deciding when your period will come)

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