~ What Anime Haircolor would you have? ~

Hey! Here goes the second Anime Character quiz about the haircolor. I hope you enjoy it! Rate or comment if you want, but I would be glad if you do it ^^v But I've to say one thing: PLEASE DON'T STEAL THE PICTURES! I really hate finding my result pictures in other quizzes! Why and where I've got the pics from -> Visit my homepage here on Quizilla.

Created by roseblossom on 05/07/2008

Take the ~ What Anime Haircolor would you have? ~ quiz.

First do you want something to drink?

Can you stand on your hands?

Do you have hobbys?

Which of the following sayings <b>don't</b> like you to use?

The next question is a time question, please don't cheat... You just cheat yourself and your result. You've <b>30 seconds</b> Imagine this situtation: You are spectator with a Marathon. There are three participants. If the third participant overhauls the

What's that? ->|||-|_|-|||

What's your eyecolor? The real or the one from the Anime Eyecolor quiz.

So, you have to clean the house or to do homework, what do you do?

Somebody in your school makes a joke about you new jacket, what do you do?

Pick one:

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