What 'Mean' Girl from the movie 'Mean Girls' are you?

This is Girl World. All the Fighting has to be sneaky... Watch Your Back!!

Created by CrzyandRandom on 05/07/2008

Take the What 'Mean' Girl from the movie 'Mean Girls' are you? quiz.

You just woke up late on Monday morning you find yourself with a dirty, disgusting, mess, of tangles for hair? What do you do?

First period pop quiz! Are you ready?

It's lunch time and you notice a new girl without a place to sit and eat. You...

You and your friends decide to do a routine for the annual talent show. How do you help prepare the whole thing?

One of your best friends just hooked up with this really cute boy, but he hasn't called since. What makes matters worse? You seen him at the mall with another girl! You...

One of your friends promises to talk to a boy you like for you, but she ends up kissing him! You...

More than anything I want...

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