the REAL 'Am I A Lesbian?' quiz!

this quiz is for gals ONLY (duh). i made this quiz because most other quizzes i found on the subject didn't seem to be serious.

Created by msRae on 05/13/2008

Take the the REAL 'Am I A Lesbian?' quiz! quiz.

Have you ever 'been with' another female? (with OR without a guy involved) this can be anything from kissing to a full-blown experience.

how do you feel about the typical 'girl-guy' hookup? (from your own personal experiences)

which compliment would make you most happy to receive?

when you watch music videos, movies, tv shows, etc. WHO do you tend to notice more? (same sorta thing as when a guy checks out girls)

who do you check out (the most) anytime you go out?

how have your relationships been with men you've gotten involved with? (meaning serious relationships, dating, sexual, etc)

how interested are you in gay/lesbian media? (meaning tv shows, celebrities, magazines, articles, etc) <-obviously in this case focus more on the lesbian things you've seen.

Lastly, how comfortable are you with the idea of being a lesbian? (ok, you took the time to take this quiz... so there must be some small part of you thats just a little curious right? or maybe you already know but arn't ready to accept it yet. then again,

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