What's Your Theme Song?

O.O ooOoo, backgrounds.... ANYWAY, i tried to do a variety of songs and moods but if something doesn't come out quite right, just kno that i only used songs i've heard before and that in and of itself is a MAJOR limitation. then there's what's on starlightmks (GO STARLIGHT). and then there's appropriate lyrics and the time factor. i could only fit five songs on this quiz but if i get good ratings or if a lot of ppl take it, there might be a What's Your Theme Song II with new songs on it. MAYBE. :) -justcli

Created by justclick on 05/07/2008

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Okay, avoiding the ever-popular color question, what group do you most relate with?

Okay (still avoiding color question), let's do roleplaying! You're walking down the street and a much bigger guy from school/work knocks your things out of your hands or trips you or says something hurtful. What do you do?

*twitch* color question *twitch* Must... avoid... color... question... What's your favorite... SYMBOL?

Hmmm, running out of non-color question ideas and am getting hungry. So, by request of my stomach, what's your favorite food?


Starlightmks helped me put your theme music in the results! Visit her! I command you!

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