Hippocrates' Personality Temperament [Which are you?\Updated] (Detailed Results in PICS)

If you have any questions or comments go to my homepage and send me a message. This quiz is based off of Hippocrates and his 'medical theory' regarding a person's peronality. Many of the reasoning behind what temperament you recieve has been changed throughout history as science and technology allowed us to make new discoveries, but the gist of it is the same. Take into consideration that the results may only apply to one aspect of your personality and that you may well be a mixture or two or more temperame

Created by YinYangRocker on 05/07/2008

Take the Hippocrates' Personality Temperament [Which are you?\Updated] (Detailed Results in PICS) quiz.

<b>Which of the following is more likely for you to be doing?

<b>Which is more appropriate of the way you see yourself?

<b>Which activity do you do more?

<b>What sentence better describes you?

<b>I know you'd rather not talk about it, but what are some of your 'bad' traits?

<b>What group of words best describes you as a person?

<b>What color do you think mostly resembles your personality?

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