From Romeo and Juliet are you Capulet or Montague?

From Romeo and Juliet would you be in he Montague family or Capulet?

Created by O.Tora on 05/13/2008

Take the From Romeo and Juliet are you Capulet or Montague? quiz.

What code of arms sounds more appealing?

Your father (or head of the family) has what color hair?

Which tatoo seems cooler?

Your boy brothers and cousins are...

Do you wear mostly gold or silver jewlery?

Dark slick hair or bald, pink, and blonde?

Whats your relationship like with your father?

Which symbol sounds better to you?

Your mother is...

For Halloween you dress up as...

Which sounds like a family friend that your family would have?

Your family drives what kinds of cars?

Your closet contains...

Guys with facial hair?

Buttoned or un-buttoned?

What family do you think fits you more and would you rather be in?

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