The IQ test for Drunks! (with photos!!!)

Do I need to say more? This is the first ever IQ test especially designed for Drunks!!! Enjoy taking the IQ test and... the result might surprise you! With photo's. Enjoy!

Created by CelticRose213 on 02/21/2010

Take the The IQ test for Drunks! (with photos!!!) quiz.

Question 1: The opposite of pronounced is:

Question 2: All booms are moons. If all moons are swoons, then all booms are swoons.

Question 3 : If you put these letters in the right place; WJAHNOILNEKRE - what do you get?

Question 4 : Johnnie is taller than Jack. John is shorter than Johnnie. Apply which is most likely, logically.

Question 5 : How many Questions have passed now? (and pay close attention here!)

Question 6 : Finish this sequence; 1 - 5 - 2 - 10 - 4 - ?? - ??

Question 7 : Which one is the odd one out and why? - Paddy - Guinness - Famous Grouse - Bulmers - Jack Daniels

Question 8 : 11*x = 2*y. If y=11 then x=jsonp1266780197469

Question 9 : Half a pint takes about 15 minutes to be emptied. The pub closes at 1 and the last call for drinks is at 0:50. You enter at around 9:12. How many pints will you be able to drink before the last call for drinks and the pub closes?

Question 10 : Final Question. Just before closing time, two drunks were staggering in opposite directions, moving away from one another. One drunk was moving at 1 mile per hour. The other drunk was moving at 0.75 miles per hour. They both live 2 miles from

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