Social Life at Hogwarts

My first quiz, please rate and message me if you want =}. I personally love taking these kinds of quizzes. It took me a long time to make it so again please rate. I hope you enjoy! :)

Created by asianvoice on 05/13/2008

Take the Social Life at Hogwarts quiz.

What house are you in?

Which color do you like most?

On your first day, which boy caught your eye?

How do people describe you? (Be honest)

As you are walking down the hallway you see Harry and Draco about to hex each other, who's side are you on?

How do you feel about Voldemort?

What does school mean to you?

Which lyrics describe you or your personality? (Again, be honest.)

I'm sorry if this sucked, it was my first quiz. Please rate, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for taking this quiz. If you have any advice about making quizzes just message me. So yeah please rate. :)

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