Fullmetal Alchemist: rp quiz #2: New friends; New life

Hope you like this one cuz' here it is! Sorry it took so long! Wanna make sure it's not crappy!^-^ oh and if I use the word you alot, it was because I was in a hurry! so sorry if this one is a little crappy! was speeding! i'll go slow on the next one!

Created by LilEdsGirl91 on 05/07/2008

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*last time we ended, you, al, and ed were headed to the house where you get your automail done.* you:ok. before we go to the place, I want both of you to put blindfolds on." ed:what?! what for?" you:I want you to be surprised ok?" ed:fine, but if you make

winry grabbed your arm and you followed her inside with ed and al not too far behind. you:so what have you been up to winry?" you asked as everyone sat down on the couch. winry:well your just in time! i've been working on this new automail that when broke

you:hmm....Tia." you heard footsteps coming from behind you and you quickly wiped away your tears. ed:hey. so this is where you went huh?" you:w-what are you doing here?" ed:I just thought you'd want some company." you:she was always a good kid. she never

pinako:well, if it isn't yumi. I thought we kicked you out? you:ha ha. very funny pinako." you smiled at eachother and walked inside. you:wow! look at all this food!" pinako:well, with you here, we decided to make a big meal. especially as much as ed eats.

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