Do You Have A Guardian Angel?? If so why does she\he protect you??? (Detailed answers and Anime Pictures)

Credit for this layout goes to 'Zilla Layouts Please rate and message! this took ages to make!

Created by LonelySoulForEver on 05/07/2008

Take the Do You Have A Guardian Angel?? If so why does she\he protect you??? (Detailed answers and Anime Pictures) quiz.

(1) Have you ever felt like there was some one in your room? But you couldnt see them?

(2) Have you ever put anything down, then turned around and grabbed something else, then turned back and it had moved to another spot??

(3) Do you think this is true: Most left handed people had a twin with them in there mothers whom, but the other twin died at birth.

(4) How many people have died in your family?

5) Do you believe in Ghost's? Or Spirits?

(6) Do you think some one's watching over you?

(7) Have you ever been home alone, and heard noises when you KNOW no ones in the house??

(8) Have you ever been crying in a corner and you new that no one was going to find you because this was your place, and no one but yourself new about it, but then you hear some one saying, "It's okay" or "Hush now"

(9) Which do you prefer? Magic or Elements?

(10) Do you believe In God?

(11) What do you think you were in your past life?

(12) What is your favourite colour?

(13) Have you ever seen a white shadow following you?

(14) Do graveyard's scare you?

(15) Okay, you're walking down your street on the way to school, and you pass a graveyard, at this point in time you hate graveyards, then you stop, you see a white graceful lady fly though the yard. Then you freeze as you feel something on your shoulder,

(16) So now you're standing there, staring into her cold white eyes, she opens her mouth and talks but nothing comes out, what do you do?

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