WHAT SHOULD YOUR FUTURE JOB BE?? (girls and guys!)

meh, this was only cuz i was bored, but take the quiz, its good, u might figure out ur dream job here! :p

Created by youngsamuraigirl on 05/13/2008

Take the WHAT SHOULD YOUR FUTURE JOB BE?? (girls and guys!) quiz.

Okay, lets start off simple...what is your favorite accessory? (out of these)

Next, whats your favorite genre of movies/Tv shows?

Okay, whats your personality like? (and dont lie to me..if u really wanna know, tell the truth first)

What are you at school? AGAIN, do NOT lie to me, u wanna know, don cha?

What do u feel like most of the time?

Final questionn ... what would u wanna be when you grow up?

AHAHAHA i lied....one more question, thats all, okay? Its scenario time: you see a little kid being pushed around by someone..older...you go up closer and realise its ur boyfriend doing this.. as he sees u coming, he starts to say,"______I swear to God, I

Okay, same story, but this time, im gonna ask u, what do u do after hearing about all this..?

Finally. whats ur grades in school..i mean like the average?

Okay, thats all, the quiz is over..finally..u must have liked this quiz..its my second actually..anyways, like..yeah... sry..okay, results, right..wait...did u like my quiz?

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