Dark Angel quiz (for girls, many lovely pic results)

Sadly a lot of the answers in the results came out a lot alike so I'm sorry that this quiz isn't as in depth as my last angel quiz "which white angel are you?" Which made it on one of the most popular or top highest rated quizzes of all time something like that. Please still enjoy! IT kind of took me all friggin day! I kind of made up this quiz spur of the moment all today. This one has a few more results, too. I had a hard time picking pics out of sooo many cool ones ^-^

Created by evilkittiebobo on 05/07/2008

Take the Dark Angel quiz (for girls, many lovely pic results) quiz.

So. . .to get things started: what type(s) of music do you listen to?

What kind of clothes do you wear?

Your attitude and mannerisms most of the time reflects which animal/thing?

Your daily activities consist of. . .

Now for some situational questions! You're at school and the teacher just whipped out a *surprise* pop quiz and you didn't study or anything. How do you react?

For whatever reason you are traveling through the woods lets say to grandma's house. Along the way you get lost. What do you do to try and get yourself out of this? *Remember there is a wolf out there.*

As you are in a social climate with say some friends of yours (even if you don't have any play along) and up comes the guy you've had a huge crush on for the last few years. He looks like everything you've ever wanted in a man. He's coming your way. You:

If you could pick anyone of these art forms which would you pick for whatever reasons? (Sorry if I didn't name your type or get it right. I tried my best to name easily recognizable forms for people w/an easy to understand explanation. Spent a lot of time

Last, but not least. . .There's a dying animal you come upon laying on the side of the road. It obviously is a stray and wines as you approach it. It could be sick and dangerous you don't know. It's not going to live. What do you do for it? (I know, depres

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