The perfect little black dress for you! 13 detailed answers with pics!

I have searched and searched for a good little black dress quiz and they are all far too simple so this one is much more complex! Enjoy! Edit: Thank you so much for all your rates, pics and messages! It means so much!

Created by servanttotheancients on 05/13/2008

Take the The perfect little black dress for you! 13 detailed answers with pics! quiz.

Simple, intimate, but easy but here we go. What is your bra size?

I won't you your weight as a carnal rule among women, but face it, how would you cetegorize yourself. Don't worry, this is between you and you.

What part of your body is your favorite?

Least favorite?

How do you normally wear your hair?

Wear will you be wearing this little black dress?

Who are you wearing this dress for?

Shoe style?

Type of jewelry?

What is your style?

And last but not least, pick an age brackett.

Now if you don't rate...just think of all the other women who will never find this great quiz and their perfect little black dress! And I put a lot of hard work into this so rate high! ^^ Thanks!

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