Your Harry Potter Yule Ball Date,Dress, and What They all Thought

Hey, these things are every where, but I like 'em so...ya. You can get Blaise, ron, Draco, Harry, Cedric, Neville, Oliver, Fred, George, or you went with friends.

Created by cleaningluna on 05/13/2008

Take the Your Harry Potter Yule Ball Date,Dress, and What They all Thought quiz.

Alright-what house are you in?

Do you fit in with your house?

What is your favorite class and why?

What is the most you would do for your friends?

alright, lets pretend for a moment that you are Lily Evans and the whole Snape's Worst memory thing is going on-what do you do?

How do you do in school?

alright (assuming your a girl)which of these is most like you?

How much skin are you comfortable showing?

You were walking outside and a thuderstorm started up. You rushed up to the castle, but on the way you say a sopping wet, terrified, adorable little bunny rabbit. You want to take it inside and keep it, but you already have an owl and students are only all

Honestly, how are you with people?

I say "mudblood" you say____

Which of these people do you hate the most?

Who of the guys do you want to get

who do you think you'll get?

who do you not want to get?

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