The 'Walk in the Forest' Personality Test (for everyone!)

Grap a piece of paper and a pen, or open up a Word document. You need to write down the answers to this test. Just put the first thing that comes into your head, and don't allow things around you to alter your first answer.

Created by sunshinerain on 05/14/2008

Take the The 'Walk in the Forest' Personality Test (for everyone!) quiz.

Imagine you are walking through a forest, who are you with?

You come across an animal, what is it?

You try to stroke the animal, what does it do?

You walk on and come to a building of some kind, is there anything surrounding it, such as a fence or wall?

You go closer to the building, what kind of building is it?

You go into the house and go into a room with a table, what's on the table?

You go out of that room and find a door that leads outside to the back garden. You walk across some grass and find a cup of some kind, what is it made of?

What do you do to the cup?

You see something that contains water ahead of you (anything, from a cup to an ocean), what is it?

And finally, you cross the water, how do you do it?

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