Harry Potter (Love Story and really cool quiz)

I have seen a lot of quizes like this but they have really boring quizes even if they have great results. This has great results and quiz. It took me forever so please rate and message if you want. I am continuing all the results in stories. So message me for ideas.

Created by Inchantidgrl on 05/14/2008

Take the Harry Potter (Love Story and really cool quiz) quiz.

What house do you want to be in or are you in?

Role Play:<br> You are walking in the halls and it is late at night. You see Snape coming down the hall and there is nowhere to hide. Suddenly Harry Potter pulls you under his invisibility cloak. What do you do?

You are at the Yule ball. What type of music do you dance to?

It's a quidditch game, Hufflepuff vs Gryfindor. Who do you cheer for?

How do you wear your hair?

You are running out of the Forbidden Forest. Your screaming your head off. What are you running from?

What kind of wood do you like?

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