What Do The Harry Potter Characters Think Of You? (Girls)

Yup,I've conformed. I love these quizzes,they're plenty of fun! I'll probably add alot fo roleplaying because that's the best part of these XD

Created by trinityelizabeth on 05/14/2008

Take the What Do The Harry Potter Characters Think Of You? (Girls) quiz.

Pick some that apply to you..

You dress..

Role Playing: (I'll try to keep 'em original) Your walking on your way to your date with your huge crush! Finally he asked! You wearing a pair of heels and BAM! One cracks while your in the rather muddy courtyard. You fall and get mud all over your clothes

Role Playing: Your listening to some old Elvis songs in your common room which is empty,everyone is at the Quidditch match. You couldn't go becuase you broke your leg in practise. Your dancing around and singing well,pretty much totally out of key and your

Your sitting in Courtyard and three people come over and give you weekend offers. Your choices are going to Hogsmead,Helping a friend study,Sneaking into the Forbidden Forest just for the thrill of looking around in there,Hanging in the ROR a private date,

Which lyric appeals the most to you..

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