What kind of Dominant or submissive are you?

There are 9 different results for this test with full discriptions. Pictures are NOT pornographic (sorry kids). submissives are always encouraged to contact me. ;D

Created by TreyNitrotoluene on 05/14/2008

Take the What kind of Dominant or submissive are you? quiz.

A friend asks you over to his or her place to watch a movie and hang out. After the movie he/she asks you to help straighten out the room. You ...

A stranger approaches you on the street and asks for directions to a restraunt you know of. You ...

Your bedroom or home is a ...

What is a great way for you to spend a day off?

Your favortie movie genre is

Your greatest acomplishment would be to ...

You and a few friends head out to a major Amusement Park. The first stop for you is ...

Your perfect mate would be ...

What would convince you to try something new?

What would be your ideal career?

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