The Ultimate Does He Like You Quiz (deciphering the shy guy)


Created by AutumnStorm on 05/14/2008

Take the The Ultimate Does He Like You Quiz (deciphering the shy guy) quiz.

Let's start with yes/no questions: Have you seen him (definitly!!) stare at you??

Has he told you you're smart/beautiful/pretty/nice?

Does he seem to touch you by "accident" and yet, does not go overboard with it?

Does he respect you?

Is he your friend?

Does he stand up for you/protect you?

Does he always mention the little things you have talked about in conversations before?

Does he remember/try to remember your birthday?

Does he go red/stutter when he talked to you?

When you're talking to other guys a lot, does he come up to you/look at you with a frown on his face/look uncomfortable?

Does he always bring up the things you two have in common?

Does he treat you differently to everyone else?

Does he look into your eyes when you two talk?

When you're talking in a group, does he always make sure to include you/look at you when other people are talking?

Does he show appreciation for you that no one else seems to show except the closest of friends?

Does he ask you how you are/how you've been/ask about you you you a lot?

Okay, enough of yes/no questions. Let's ask about this guy you like. Is he generally a:

Your general observation of him around you is:

You smile at him, he:

You're talking to him, he sees a close friend. You ask him whether he wants to talk to them, he:

You walk past him, he:

You tease him in a friendly way, he:

Has he asked you out before?

He's obviously troubled, you ask him what's wrong, he:

It's your birthday! He:

His friends are here! You haven't met them before. He:

It's been a long lot of questions!!! And before we go on, i want to say that signs will not tell you the total truth...they may sometimes be a guide and sometimes not, but every guy is different. So, honestly, do YOU think he likes you?

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